Notable Quora Users

January 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

“Notable Quora Users” will be a regular feature on The Quora Review highlighting new or heretofore undiscovered interesting users.  It is currently curated by Lynn Tao, with help from many other people.

  • Gen Shibayama: full time real estate investor based in San Francisco. But most of my investments are in Austin TX. Specialized in short sale and seller financing transactions.
  • danah boyd: scholar, activist, half energizer bunny / half weeble
  • Will Schreiber: Sustainability consultant; ecological and carbon footprinting; supply-chain management; sustainability strategy; behavioural change; and communications.
  • Jonathan Kang: CPU Designer
  • Sridhar Ramesh: graduate student in the Logic program at Berkeley.
  • Jonathon Green: Slang lexicographer. Author: Green’s Dictionary of Slang.
  • Chris Gouveia: 4th year medical student UCSF.
  • Lukas Neville: Ph.D. Candidate, Organizational Behaviour (Queen’s School of Business)
  • Virginia Postrel: Editor-in-Chief at, biweekly columnist at WJS.
  • Steve Denton: Maths & theoretical physics graduate, IT professional, interested in all sorts of stuff.

Lynn Tao is a frequent Quora Lurker and an occasional Quora contributor.


§ 2 Responses to Notable Quora Users

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    • Etha says:

      Jeff Bezos had said to Charlie Rose that it was for competitive renaoss sort of intimating that the other makers should not know exactly how much were needed production-wise, as with Barnes and Noble getting caught WAY short last year when releasing the Nook. They were just not prepared for the demand there -was-. The danger is in making not enough (at Christmas time) OR in making and being stuck with too many and the cost of producing them if they overestimate. He said something about other companies being kept off-guard it does make sense to me. AND it’s also true that many columnists/opinion-makers have minimized and continue to minimize e-reader numbers by always equating them with another type of device such as multimedia models, and hard numbers would give solid ammunition to those who seem to enjoy the nyah-nyah type of writing as one I saw today that mentioned that Amazon wants to avoid it being known that more iPads are sold than Kindles but that the truth will out. And of course any fool already knows multimedia devices have a larger audience. It’s like equating the sales of a specific camera to sales of a phone with a camera.

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