Tiger Prawn Mom

January 27, 2011 § 6 Comments

ti·ger prawn mom [tahy-ger prawn mom]
1. Mothers who, instead of of traumatizing her kids through musical instrument lessons, inflicts similar damage on their kids through excessive use of holistic health practices, hearsay through church bible groups or zen retreats, inconsistent disciplinary practices, strange rapport-building practices, insistence on serving home-grown fruits, and a ton of karaoke.
2. A failed prototype of Tiger Mom.

Common Tiger Prawn Mom Sayings:

  • Are you sore throat? Boil some pear, turnip, rock sugar in water and drink it.
  • I make this dish all natural! Vegetable from my backyard garden!  Fertilize with my own poop!
  • Your white boyfriend use chopstick so good!
  • Your qi is inbalance! Let’s go to acupuncher.
  • Zen Master say you look worry I give you blessed water
  • Why you have aluminum pots? They cause cancer.
  • This apartment i like, positive energy. I think it has good Feng Shui.
  • Pig feet very good for skin and hair.
  • Are you going to marry this boyfriend?
  • My eyelid has been twitching all day. Something bad is going to happen.
  • I had a dream last night that we took trip to my hometown with Grandma’s ghost.
  • Why do American people like such loud music?
  • Karaoke is so fun, your dad and I can do duet. He sing low I sing high.
  • I brought you 10 lbs of oranges, it’s from our own tree.
  • School play? did you tell teacher that you learned traditional ribbon dance at Chinese school?
  • Pizza so greasy, I made sticky rice cake.
  • Remember when you are in elementary school we had sleep over for you? and I made you kids play spelling bee game
  • What do you do at bar? You don’t know anyone there.
  • I can teach you to drive good!
  • Don’t drink so much cold water after exercise!
  • Lynn Tao is a frequent Quora Lurker and an occasional Quora contributor.

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