What Is This, A Cult?

February 8, 2011 § 13 Comments

By Mona Nomura 

“The cool kids and big egos of Silicon Valley are busy colonizing a new social network — and soon you may want to as well” – Daniel Lyons via Newsweek

I’m just gonna come out and say it. Quora is cult-ish.

Now before you Quoreans go all out postal, allow me to back up. In 2008 I stumbled upon a site called FriendFeed I quickly became addicted to. FriendFeed became an integral part of my life once I figured out how to use it, was accepted by the community and my posts received hundreds of LIKEs. So much so, every time people would pick FriendFeed apart and complain how it was hard to use. Or how it was too niche. Or how clique-ish it was, the criticisms felt personal. It would upset me how people just didn’t understand its greatness.

The things Quora power users say to defend Quora? Are the same things I’d say to defend FriendFeed: It’s not my fault you’re new to the site. Why are so many confused about FriendFeed? Using it is, well, common sense. So on and so forth; sound familiar? It’s okay if it doesn’t, I was in denial for a while too. It took almost three years to admit my love affair with an inanimate object — or product to be exact.

Now as much as I loved FriendFeed, my initial reaction to its community was: What is this, a cult? And Quora is very reminiscent of FriendFeed – from how I use the site (people who’ve known me for a while even pointed it out) to crowning a princess (I was known as the queen of FriendFeed haha)

Now you can argue Quora and FriendFeed are different products serving two purposes and yes, I agree. However, Quora and FriendFeed are crowd sourced, community driven products and the fundamental workings are very similar. « Read the rest of this entry »